Monday, 19 February 2007

John Chow - 1000 AGLOCO signups in 10 Days!

As you know I have been following John Chow's AGLOCO success (that post explains how his direct referrals alone will make him over $15,000 in shares). Earlier today he announced:

"Barely 10 days after reaching 4,000 AGLOCO sign ups, I have passed the 5,000 sign up mark in my AGLOCO network. As I write this post, I am sitting at 5,072 total referrals with 571 Directs.".

This shows the awesome power of viral marketing and is an inspiration to us all. I have 30 people in my AGLOCO network network, 19 of which are direct. The Simmons report explains that on average each direct referral will be worth approximately $30 in shares. This means if they were to float on the stock market later today (which won't actually happen until the end of the year) my network would be worth:

30x19= $570 in shares. Along with the $150 I am worth (each active member/founder is estimated to be worth $150) that brings the total up to $720. That doesn't take into account my indirect referrals and earnings from them using Viewbar, which is "currently slated for March" release. Once it is released the number of people looking to sign up will skyrocket meaning more potential referrals but more competition. You can get ahead of the game and Join my AGLOCO network.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

John Chow's AGLOCO Success

If you couldn't tell from my review of John Chow Dot Com back in January, John Chow the 'dot com mogul' is a bit of an inspiration to me. He happens to have a very successful blog and AGLOCO network (among other things). Admittedly the success of his blog has been a major growth tool for his AGLOCO network. He has now reached over 4000 AGLOCO signups, which is really quite impressive. According to the Simmons report each of his direct referrals will be worth on average $30 each; once AGLOCO has floated on the London stock Exchange at the end of the year.

500x30==$15,000!! And that is just in the shares from his direct referrals, yet alone the indirect referrals and monthly earnings from their use of the Viewbar AND his value of $150 as a 'founder.

Will he never stop growing his network????

"Right now, it’s pretty much on autopilot. The direct and extended referrals have taken over. The network will keep growing even if I do nothing. That is the cool thing about the AGLOCO business model - you do the work once and you could get paid for it for the rest of your life."

What’s the difference between Google, Youtube and AGLOCO? (It’s not a joke)

The AGLOCO company blog states that they currently have 30,000 'founding members' (members with referrals). Google recently bought Youtube for $1.65 Billion. The people who were on the receiving end of that money were the Youtube founders who, unlike AGLOCO consisted of a couple of people. So the difference is (apart from them having completely different functions) is that AGLOCO is owned by its members. Hence the 'own the internet' slogan.
Join my AGLOCO network

Monday, 22 January 2007

AGLOCO summary:

AGLCOCO rewards you for browing the net using their trademark 'viewbar' (once availabe).

The way it works is simple. If you browse the net using their viewbar for 5 hours per month, they pay you whether or not you have ANY affiliates. You also get paid for when your affiliates use it, and when their affiliates use it. In this way it is possible to make a fair sum of money. However to be sucessful you must be able to get affiliates, although this is not especually hard because AGLOCO is a name that carries respect and people seem to know isn't a scam.

AGLOCO are planning to be on the stock market by the end of 2007, which presents us with an oppoutunity. Members get 0.25 shares per hour people in their network.

There are therefore 3 possible outcomes:
AGLOCO sinks, and doesnt grow fast enough, resulting in its members getting their earnings from their browsing using the viewbar, and nothing more.
AGLOCO grows like crazy and the IPO is successful, in which case the members shares which they have accumulated may be worth a fortune.
AGLOCO grows like crazy and attrats the attention of the big boys like google and yahoo. AGLOCO would then be bought out, like youtube, except the members of AGLOCO will make big money from it.

Unfortunatly we do not know which of these 3 scenarios will actually happen. I believe it is worth being a part of.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here: AGLOCO

Friday, 19 January 2007

AGLOCO- Why Every Internet User should Join

1. All internet uses help create value on the net and deserve their share of it - AGLOCO have a plan to do this for its members

Users of Youtube did 90% of 'the work', but when it was sold for $1.6 billion they got nothing.

So there is lots of 'excess' money splashing around which AGLOCO will share with its users.

2.What will a user who has no referrals get?:
Eventually a user with no referrals will get around $100 -$200 per year.

As well as the cash payments, they will gain shares of the company, wich could be worth a fortune when the AGLOCO goes on the stock market at the end of 2007.

3. The toolbar will be useful for members, the use of the toolbar will make it useful for the members to find products they want.

4. AGLOCO is an Internet Economic Revolution, just like Wikipedia was on the freedom of information on the net.

5. AGLOCO is totally free and secure (has no spyware and keeps all your information confidential).

Click here to be a part:

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

AGLOCO Member Calculator

If you haven’t already read my posts about AGLOCO then go ahead and read them. I am introducing you to the AGLOCO member calculator, which, believe it or not, allows members to calculate their monthly earnings.

Above is a screen shot of what my monthly earnings would be if I were to have 3 referrals, who each made 3 referrals them selves. If you cannot see that clearly enough it says 458.75. That is if each referred member spends just 5 hours per month using the AGLOCO viewbar, which will be released at the end of February.

NOTE: If those figures where increase sightly, to 5 direct referrals and 5 extended referrals, your monthly income would increase up to 4886.25!

To sign up for AGLOCO click here

The AGLOCO Viewbar

CLICK TO ENLARGE. That image is a screen shot of what the viewbar will look like. I find it to be quite unobtrusive, especially as you have the option to minimise it at any time and it still counts as part of your 5 monthly hours! It says on one of the windows "watch the Spiderman 3 trailer". I found this quite encouraging, as I had expected boring text ads to shoved in my face, but having read a little about the viewbar and seeing this screen has totally turned me around. I really can’t wait till its release at the end of February.

To start making money and shares with AGLOCO click here

John Chow Dot Com

Who is John Chow?

Believe it or not (I didn't at first) John Chow is Canadian. Despite this he knows how to party. This very minute he is getting his groove on in Las Vegas. So is he a computer geek or a party animal?

Well, according to him, he is a "dot com mogul". The precise meaning of this is debateable, but terms like 'blogger whore' and 'Google whore' come to mind. Hishomepage, which, despite being jam packed with ads is very informative and clearly laid out.

It will not take much reading of to realised how much there is for you to learn from the site. He gives out advice freely, with a number of very helpful posts about getting traffic to your site, as well as more recent posts on ideas to maintaining a good, novel site content. He also gives advice about AGLOCO and provides very persuasive arguments to join, which everyone can learn from.

Sometimes the site does feel like it is 'all about the money', what with the Google adsence ads, the AGLOCO updates and his monthly overview of his earnings. However, every now and then he makes a post that wins me back, e.g.Effects of drugs and alcohol on spider webs. He also has categories about his family, and the recent birth of this baby daughter, with a heart-warming photo. The donation of much of his earnings to charity, combined with this, all adds to the 'John Chow effect’, which keeps his site firmly in my bookmarks.

He recently has offered to link to anyone who writes a 200+ word review of his site, which is currently ranked 1320 on technorati. Find out more